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Terra Linna Project

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The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania has embarked on a major restoration project for the Yacht Terra Linna c1880.

Photo of Terra Linna with gaff rig The yacht details are:
Type:Double-ended centreboard cutter yacht.
Built:Hobart 1880-81 by designer George Luckman.
Tonnage:8 Thames Measurement.
Dimensions:28.0 wl x 9.0 x 3.9 ft.
Owners:H.W Knight & George Luckman; 1884 H.W. Knight sole owner; 1905 W.G.P. Beddome.
Photograph courtesy of the State Reference Library of Tasmania.
Click for full-sized image.

The Yacht "Terra Linna" is Huon Pine batten seam carvel planking (9 planks per side) on Blackwood, including a Blackwood keel. The batten seam planking reached above the waterline with two clinker planks (each side) to the sheer line. She was what was originally known as half decked and carried a centerboard. Her lines indicate as do other records that she was designed as a variation to the Tasmanian Whale Boat.

The Guild has restored her so she can sail again! Quite a task but we're there! We received two MMAPSS grants from the Australian National Maritime Museum that have funded research to document her history and to build a model of the Terra Linna and a lot of support from generous sponsors to help rebuild and finish her.

Photo of rebuilt Terra Linna under sail

After four years' work by members, in particular Noel Hall, and with the wonderful support of our sponsors, she was re-launched on 23rd June 2012. Her mast and rigging were installed and finished off in preparation for the 2012-2013 summer and the 2013 Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF).

Not only was she a feature of the 2013 AWBF, but she sailed home!

The Terra Linna was short listed by the Classic Boat Magazine (UK) in its competitions as one of the restorations of the year 2012. See the awards web site.

If anyone can provide information about the yacht it would be gratefully accepted. Please contact the Guild.

Click on the pictures above to see them full size.

Photos | Terra linna History (PDF) | ANMM Project Report (PDF) | Make a contribution! | Back to Projects

Terra Linna Project

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